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DX Keto Also part of the method is the consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains that have high fiber content in order to combat high cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. On the other hand, the rice diet provides for the consumption of only 16 to 20 g of protein per day. This is little if we consider that a typical diet includes the intake of 46 to 56 g of protein per day. It is important to know that low nutrient intake can cause muscle wasting. The food program also predicts a decrease in salt intake and even accepts dairy products as long as they are fat free. Although it is considered an effective diet for short-term weight loss and can help a person start a healthy lifestyle, the method is difficult to sustain for a long time. According to nutritionist Yvette Quantz, most of the calories consumed in the rice diet come from healthy carbohydrates, but the method does not provide enough calories or protein to keep the body sated. Thus, while the rice diet may be followed in cases where rapid weight loss is required, after its completion over a period of one month it should probably be replaced by a long-term sustained dietary program. as directed by the physician and nutritionist. The rice diet is divided into three phases. In the first step, which lasts a week, calorie consumption is around daily for the person to reach the goal of losing weight. Meals consist of fruits, vegetables, starches and fat-free dairy products. On the first day of the first phase, one should eat only grains and fruits. From the second day, vegetables and dairy products are also part of the menu. The second phase of the food program allows you to eat fish, eggs or lean meats once a week, as well as fruits, vegetables, starches and fat-free dairy products.

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